WIND FARMS – Frequently Asked Questions

How are the locations for wind turbines decided?

The development of wind farms is very complex and there are many technical, environmental, social and economic factors to consider.

The key factors that determine the best locations for turbines include the wind regime and the terrain and topography of the land. Of course the close proximity to transmission network is of high importance.

Sophisticated analytical software is used to determine the optimum locations for turbines. This software takes into consideration various constraints in order to determine the best locations for turbines on the site. Examples of constraints include areas of heavy vegetation, proximity to residences and proximity to other infrastructures.

A suitable wind farm site can be designed following comprehensive  scientific studies and environmental assessments as well as  consultation with the local community. 

It is important to note that the initial locations considered for turbines may not be the final locations given that  all relevant assessments need to be concluded before the final layout can be decided. 

Are wind farms compatible with farming?

All around the world, wind farms co-exist with farming operations. Turbines occupy a very small area.

What are the health impacts of wind farms?

Wind is one of the most important clean energy resources in the world and is crucial to reducing greenhouse gas emissions not only in Australia but worldwide. A cleaner climate can have positive health benefits for people all over the world.

Wind turbines make some noise as they generate energy, so it is necessary to ensure that turbines are placed in suitable locations with consideration of the turbine size, type and the environmental factors. Comprehensive investigation should be conducted to ensure suitable turbine locations.

In March 2014, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) released its official position on wind farms as they relate to health. The Association concluded that there is no evidence that wind farms cause any adverse health effects.