The Proposed Jupiter Wind Farm

Last week in letters to the Department of Planning and Environment and the Independent Planning Commission, EPYC Pty Ltd (EPYC), on behalf of Jupiter Wind Farm Pty Ltd (JWFPL), the proponent of the proposed Jupiter Wind Farm (SSD6277), withdraw the application. This decision was not taken lightly.

Despite the extensive efforts and assessments undertaken to date and the significant amendments made across the full suite of technical areas in response to issues raised in submissions, in reviewing the assessment report from DPE we believe that the assessment report did not take into full consideration the extent of all the improvements made to the proposed project as shown in the Preferred Project Report and therefore made a recommendation to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) for project application to be refused. As such, EPYC believes that under the circumstances, IPC’s decision would not have been contrary to the recommendation made by DPE.

Throughout the development process, the proposed Jupiter Wind Farm was subjected to numerous alterations to the ongoing requirements for assessment set by DPE which lead to additional costs, delays to the project timeline and in addition it caused some confusion within the community.

The proposed Jupiter wind farm project was determined to be a State Significant Project with the potential to create ~ $380 million of foreign investment in NSW. This project could have potentially generated a considerable quantity of safe, clean, renewable energy – as well as deliver valuable funding for the region and create local jobs. In addition to the significant environmental benefits, the project would have also provided around $25 million to the local community through payments to hosts, neighbours living within 3km of turbines, and to local councils via a Community Enhancement Fund to support local initiatives over the wind farm’s anticipated 30-year lifetime. 

The significant benefits from the proposed Jupiter project will now sadly be unattainable which is a great disadvantage and a lost opportunity for the local area, the broader region and the NSW State economy.

We would like to take this opportunity to again thank all of the host landowners, the neighbouring landowners who were participating in the Neighbour Benefit Sharing Program (NBSP) and the wonderful local community members who have been supportive throughout the development process. We thank you for your time and support over the last few years. It has been a pleasure knowing you all and we wish you all the best.